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Company Information

Houston Auto Recyclers was established in 2006. We are located at 2425 West Mount Houston Rd. Houston, Texas 77038, for driving directions click here. We provide parts and services for the greater North Houston area, as well as the rest of Harris County and all surrounding counties. We are a recycler of end-of-life vehicles. We purchase junk, wrecked, damaged, unwanted vehicles, including a wide variety of foreign and domestic cars, trucks, vans and SUVs for recycling. This allows us to provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, at incredible low prices saving you up to 90% off of retail prices.

Houston Auto Recyclers is a leader in the Houston area in aiding the Environment. We recycle the complete car. All recoverable parts are sold in our retail store, all other unused materials, including metals, fluids, and plastics are recycled for resources for new products manufacturing, reducing the amount of raw material and energy needed to create new products.

Houston Auto Recyclers believes in supporting our Community. We provide funds to various charitable organizations by purchasing vehicles donated to them. Funding charities including: Purple Heart, Heritage for the Blind. We do our best to provide a safe and environmentally friendly environment. We work with local community to recover abandoned vehicles to help keep our streets and neighborhoods cleaner.

What We Do

Houston Auto Recyclers pays top dollar for your junked vehicle running or not; abandoned, and unwanted foreign or domestic vehicles; including cars, trucks and vans both old and newer models. We buy vehicles from individuals, charities, auctions, car lots, and wide variety of other sources. We dispatch tow trucks to pick up individual vehicles or in bulk, some customers deliver vehicles directly to our yard for processing. We then process the vehicles, and provide safe access for our customers to get the parts they need. When all parts are exhausted, the vehicle is fully recycled and nothing is wasted, all raw materials are then sent out for further processing into new products. We service as many as 24,000 cars per year, providing parts to as many as 150,000 customers every year. We provide many incentives for our customers to sell us their vehicles, including same day payment and pickup, and a variety of customer reward programs.

Why you should do business with us?

Houston Auto Recyclers strives to provide the best service possible. We are timely and at every level are there to provide you with friendly and courteous service. We are available with answers and guidance with any of the services we provide. We strive to help our community and environment wherever possible. We have long established processes and procedures that ensure you will save as much money as possible on used part purchases or receive the most possible money for you unwanted vehicle. We at Houston Auto Recyclers are here to aid our community wherever possible and save you money.

HOUSTON AUTO RECYCLERS · 281-260-9090 · 2425 West Mt. Houston Rd. · Houston, Texas 77038